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Lord Willing, Followers Quartet is going to A Cappella Gospel Sing (AGS) 2018

Please come and join us for this annual event.

You can check for updates on the AGS website here

to learn more about the schedule and lineup. Here is what is already posted:

2018 Group Line Up

This year we are doing an A Capella Gospel Sing Homecoming of sorts. While not all of the details have been ironed out, you won’t want to miss the event this year. The Homecoming portion of the event will take place on Saturday evening ONLY. We will be having the regular time slots that we have had in the past that you are familiar with on Friday & most of the day Saturday.

The groups coming for the regular time slots as well as participating in the Saturday evening Homecoming are:


Garment of Praise

Followers Quartet

Harmony Quartet

One by Grace

4 the King

Cross Walk Quartet

Harmony 3

Alive Quintet

Chords of Praise

Delagrange Family

Nuenschwander Family

A Capella Harmony Quartet


The groups coming for just the Saturday evening Homecoming are:

Sharon Bethel Quartet

Palm Aires Quartet

Set Apart


John Stoltzfus

Welcome to the Official Website of the Followers Quartet

The greatest message in the world today is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The greatest activity in the world is building the Kingdom of God here on earth – in our local churches, families, communities and anywhere where people can be impacted within our sphere of influence. Only a quick glance into the condition of our society will reveal that most people are rejecting the greatest calling in life, and replacing this void with the pursuit of pleasure, selfish living and sinful lifestyles. Sadly, the mainstream church is also settling into a lukewarm condition and losing its “first love” for the call of the Gospel. The Followers Quartet carries a burden to call people back to a vibrant relationship with Jesus through their singing ministry with a strong emphasis on worship. Indeed, their name indicates their heartfelt desire to respond to the timeless call of Jesus to “follow Him” in a faithful life of discipleship. After singing together for over 15 years, the Followers Quartet, from Southern Ontario, Canada, is still passionate about bringing glory to the name of Jesus Christ through their testimony and music. 15 years is a short time in light of our preparation to sing in the Heavenly choir for all eternity! Worthy is the Lamb!

The members of the quartet are: Ryan Martin, Lead; Brent Huber, Tenor; Stan Bauman, Baritone; and Ron Horst, Bass. These men are longtime friends from the same church community. Brent is a member of New Hamburg Mennonite Church, Ron & Stan are members of Maranatha Mennonite Church, and Ryan is a member at Glad Tidings Mennonite Fellowship. As life becomes busier for these men, they are careful to prioritize their time with their families, serve in church offices and make a living. Their singing schedule has slowed down significantly in the past several years, but they hold programs in churches, retirement centers and missions events routinely, with a goal of 1 or 2 programs per month. Join them in prayer that the church of Jesus could be revived in these last days!